About ACE

ACE (Afterschool Centers on Education) is a grant-funded program intended to serve low-income, at-risk students by providing rigorous out-of-school learning programs.

At YES Prep, the grant has provided students opportunities to practice Karate, hip-hop, step, cooking, chess, slam poetry, theater, soccer, baseball, and much more. Through ACE, we've also offered opportunities for parents and guardians, including financial literacy sessions, Zumba, nutrition workshops, and ESL classes.

Click here to read more about our ACE students who were selected to attend the Aggie STEM camp this summer.

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Components of the ACE program: 

ACE is includes enrichment, family and parental support, academic assistance, behavioral intervention, college and workforce readiness

"ACE is a great way to get the kids and parents involved. Not only do those programs provide entertainment for students, they also provide skills that will help them interact with others and engage in leadership roles in the future." Carolina Acosta, parent

"My son has been in the ACE program for the past three years. ACE has had a positive influence on his academics and his social interactions with other students. If it weren’t for ACE, we would not have the funds to place him in an after-school activity." Laura Leija, parent

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