Why YES Prep

At YES Prep, we strive to be the employer of choice for extraordinary talent. We know that great classrooms begin with great people, and we are looking for candidates who are ready to create pathways to opportunity for students in Houston.

Our Mission

YES Prep Public Schools will increase the number of students from underserved communities who graduate from college prepared to lead.

Top 10 reasons to join our team at YES Prep:

1. We are a top choice for Houston families. We are striving to be the school of choice for families across Houston. With a waitlist over 2,000, we are excited to serve more communities as we grow.

2. We are a public school system Redefining Possible. For students in low-income and underserved communities, YES Prep is committed to providing access to academic and social opportunities that otherwise would not exist.

3. We have 18 campuses, serve over 13K students, and have 4 partnership schools with surrounding ISDs that are transforming Houston and challenging what it means to educate All students. Additionally, we continue to grow within Houston to serve even more students.
4. We are mission driven.  YES Prep Public schools will increase the number of students from underserved communities who graduate from college prepared to lead. We believe in every child.
graphic with YES Prep core values: eliminate educational inequity, grow humble leaders, create pathways to opportunity, build transformative relationships, and achieve jaw-dropping results
5. We believe people are the source of our strength. We are committed to attracting and retaining exceptional talent through unparalleled professional growth opportunities.

6. We embrace and protect diversity to advance equity and social justice. YES Prep hosts affinity summits, opportunities for students to develop pride in their identities and build relationships within the communities in which they identify. Additionally, YES Prep offers a professional learning series to equip staff members with skills to have conversations about race and bias.

7. We have an in-house teacher development and certification program. Teaching Excellence is one of the premiere teacher development programs in the country, ensuring all teachers new to YES Prep receive transformational support.

8. We reward sustained excellence. We believe teachers are professionals and that as teachers build their skills in the classroom, their salary should reflect that progress. The YES Prep Teacher Continuum exists to reward sustained excellence over time.

9. We have many leadership opportunities. Leading Excellence is our leadership development program for emerging leaders.  At YES Prep there are many opportunities for leadership in the classroom and beyond. We are committed to developing our teachers as leaders in their classrooms, on their campuses, or across the system. You don’t have to leave the classroom to be a leader.

10. We have been recognized for being the “Most Outstanding Charter School in the Nation” by the Broad Foundation (2012) and we are looking for the most outstanding talent to join our mission today! 


Join Our Team

We're looking for passionate, qualified candidates to join our team