College Initiatives

Our College Initiatives program focuses not only on getting our students into college, but on building the knowledge, skills and mindsets they need to truly succeed in college.

Seminar Classes. Each year of high school, students participate in seminar classes focused on preparing them for college: analyzing their personal strengths and weaknesses, developing a growth mindset, practicing realistic goal setting and planning, and honing a myriad of other college-ready skills. Our students also complete the bulk of their college application materials in these classes as well as receiving SAT and ACT prep.

College Advising. Our college counselor to student ratio is no more than 40:1 compared to the national average of 471:1, equating to almost 12 times the individualized support for each of our students. Each of our students is able to receive personalized advising when researching and applying for college, finding and applying for scholarships, and choosing the college or university that is the best match for them academically, financially, and personally.

Student Opportunities. Getting out of their comfort zones, experiencing other cultures and learning out-of-the-classroom skills are important components for college ready students. These experiences – business internships, international service trips, college visits, wilderness camps – not only help our students get into college, they also are a critical step in making the transition to college less daunting for our first-generation college-bound students. Throughout their seven years at YES Prep students visit multiple college campuses across the country and typically complete an internship, international trip, or other experience of their choosing after their sophomore year. 

Alumni Support. Research and our own students’ experiences have shown us that simply being accepted into college does not guarantee graduation from college. We have a team committed to supporting our alumni in making a successful transition to college and ensuring they have access to the tools and support they need on their path to a college degree.

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