Leading Excellence Program

The Leading Excellence Program exists to build a pipeline of high-performing, humble leaders who serve to fulfill the YES Prep mission and vision.

The Leading Excellence Program is designed for leaders at all levels who aspire to lead teams, schools, and/or programs at YES Prep.
This program features an intense leadership coaching model, a pedagogy for leadership, and action-oriented deliverables to develop emerging leaders in preparation for future endeavors within the organization. Leadership is influence, and at YES Prep we believe in creating influence and opportunity to ensure the highest quality in our school system.

Leading Excellence grows leaders through a fellowship that focuses on:

  • Building and leading an effective team
  • Coaching and managing people effectively
  • Negotiating difficult conversations and relationships
  • Growing your influence

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“LE has undoubtedly equipped with the hard and soft skills necessary to be a successful leader at YES. I look forward to taking what I’ve learned and developing others.”  
-Tony Castillo, School Director of YES Prep Southside.

“LE has taught me how to be a manager who develops and motivates people instead of a manager who simply holds people accountable.  I know I would not have been as successful during my first year in the role of Manager of Instructional Coaching had it not been for the LE program.”
-Jaclyn McCormick, Manager of Instructional Coaching for YES Prep’s Teaching Excellence Program

“In the world of talent acquisition, relationships are our currency, and through Leading Excellence I’ve had the opportunity to develop incredible relationships with diverse leaders from across our system and grow my ability to coach, influence and motivate others.” 
-Ana Wolfowicz, Director of Recruitment

“Leading Excellence has created an exceptional space for me to take big risks in surfacing the skills I’ve always had inside me to achieve what’s possible.”
-Calvin Stocker. Manager of Program for YES Prep's Teaching Excellence

 “I am so grateful to Leading Excellence because of the opportunities I have had to self-reflect.  Because of the blog posts, feedback, discussions, etc. I have become more self-aware of my strengths and areas for growth.”
-Lora Knapp. High School Dean of Students at YES Prep Southeast

**Please note that the application for the 2019-2020 school year has not launched. Several people at the Home Office are in strategic discussions right now determining the best set up for leadership development for this upcoming year and beyond. Once details have been finalized, we will update this webpage and post the information in staff notes and the Clipboard, as applicable. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.