Special Education

At YES Prep, we are committed to working with families to make sure all of our students and their families are getting the support they need. We look to parents and caregivers to guide our student support and we seek their collaboration in working through the challenges families and students may face during their time at YES Prep.

When a student enrolls at YES Prep, we provide that student with a free and appropriate public education that meets their needs including at our partnership campuses. YES Prep embraces an inclusive approach to Special Education and rigor for all students. We know that students with disabilities have individual needs and rigor can look different for different students. The Special Education teams on each campus provide a range of services deemed appropriate by the ARD committee for each student from direct instruction in the learning lab to in-class support in the general education classroom to content mastery. Our special education teams also offer support for socio-emotional and behavioral needs.

Students with low incidence disabilities, like an intellectual disability or autism, who need to spend most of the day in a Special Education setting are typically referred to the YES Student Transition and Enrichment Program (YSTEP). Our district has four formal YSTEP locations to serve these students - East End, Brays Oaks, Gulfton, and the most recent opened at YES Prep Southside last year.  

When a student enrolls at a campus that does not have a YSTEP unit, we offer a transfer to a campus that does have a unit or work with the families to create services that meet the student’s needs at their home campus.  Meeting the needs of students with low incidence disabilities at a home campus that does not have a YSTEP unit sometimes involves changes in staffing and class structure. There is a plan to have more YSTEP units so that there is at least one per region (Southeast, Southwest, North, Northwest). Community Based Vocational Instruction (CBVI) programming is offered through YSTEP, which provides real-world workforce opportunities for students. There are also some students who are not in YSTEP who participate in CBVI. 

  • For Special Education services and questions, contact Ashley Dalton at 713-417-5969.
  • For Transition services, contact LaCoñia Nelson at 713-967-9071.