Alumni Support

Once our students graduate from high school, the real work of earning a college degree begins.

Our first-generation, college-bound students often face a variety of challenges – academic, socio-emotional, cultural, financial or all of the above. They also follow many different paths on their way to a college degree. Our alumni team is dedicated to providing the support and access to resources our students need to be successful to, through and from college into a career.

Collective efforts and support services include:

  • Transition programming and support (from senior year of high school through freshman year of college)
  • Social media outreach and information sharing, email blasts, phone calls, site visits, and periodic mailings to maintain communication with alumni
  • Financial planning meetings with families
  • Organized alumni events throughout the year
  • Formal collaboration with local universities to provide increased support
  • IMPACT program support 
  • Mentorship pairing within the community or college campus
  • Individualized support for alumni returning to college
  • Webinars on financial aid, time management, and other pertinent topics