Student Assessments

Evaluaciones de Estudiantes:
YES Prep administra evaluaciones para monitorear el progreso de las asignaturas y preparación para la universidad de su hijo.
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At YES Prep, we administer the following assessments to monitor progress in your child’s coursework and their college readiness:
Definition Grade Level/Test Date(s) Computerized adaptive tests to measure annual growth (Spring to Spring) and/or progress in interventions Incoming Grade 6 in the fall
Grades 6 – 8 in the Spring (more frequently for students in math or reading intervention)
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Common Assessments
Internal assessments to give feedback to students for growth and to update instruction Semi-annual exams (November; February or April) in all grade levels (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, & World Languages)
STAAR logo Annual assessments required by the State of Texas to measure progress a student has made in the subject area.


Grade 6 – Mathematics & Reading
Grade 7 – Mathematics, Reading & Writing
Grade 8 – Mathematics, Reading, Science & Social Studies
High School* – Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II and US History

*High school students 5 EOCs to graduate.  Retake opportunities are in December, April/May and June. Exams taken in high school that can qualify students for college credit, administered by CollegeBoard
High school, May
Credit by Exam An exam to receive high school credit, most commonly administered for Spanish credits. Grades 7 – 12, December, February, and/or May A practice version of the SAT exam to receive feedback on strengths and weaknesses in preparation for SAT Grades 9 – 11, October A pre-college assessment that measures reading, writing and math as part of college admissions, administered by CollegeBoard Grades 11 - 12, December and throughout the year based on student’s preference
(Students can take ACT as desired)

These assessments furnish important information about your child’s progress and help us better support them in their journey to college. Data from these assessments:

  • Determine how students are currently performing on state and national standards
  • Measure student growth and progress from year to year
  • Identify students’ strengths and areas for additional focus so that teachers can adjust instruction

The first round Common Assessments will be November 12th and 13th in all core subjects. 

Thank you for your support as we work together to prepare your child for college success!