For Parents

Attendance Policy 2017- 2018

Parents and students:

Please be advised of the following attendance policies for the 2017 – 2018 school year.
• Students are required to attend school every day (this includes field trip days even if your student is not attending the field trip)

• Any student that enters campus after 7:45 a.m. will receive a (Detention after the 3rd TARDY) 

• All tardy students should be dropped off at the front office to sign in and receive a tardy pass, failure to do so will result in a consequence.

• If your student is absent, notify the front office to confirm the absence and an excuse note must be turned in to the FRONT OFFICE within 24 hours upon their return

• Excuse notes will NOT be accepted after 48 hours

• If you need to sign your student out early, please be advised they will be marked absent for any classes they miss and an excuse note is required upon their return.

• Students are NOT permitted to call home to be picked up, they MUST be sent home by the Medical Assistant if they are sick to be counted as excused for the day.

Once your student receives 9 absences they are in danger of losing credit per state law and may be charged truancy fines allowed by the courts.
For questions regarding attendance please reach out to Ms. Salazar at or 713-967-7870

Bus Route Information

Below is a link to be able to find your students bus routes. All you have to do is select East End, the grade level of the students, and type in your address. After you do that, the screen below will show up:


This tells you what bus route is closest to your address. In the example above, Bus Route 6 should be used and the stop is at 74th st and Ave F.



New Leaders Parent Letter

High School Supply List

High School Supply List

Updated Bus Routes 17-18

Bus Routes

2016-17 Community and Student Engagement Criteria Grid - East End

CaSE Criteria Grid - East End

YES Prep East End 2015-16 Federal Report Card

YES Prep East End 2015-16 Federal Report Card

TEA A-F Parent Communication

~~TEA A-F Parent Communication

Parent Information

          We lead, connect, and achievement to close the gap between what’s probable and what’s possible for our students at YES Prep East End. Explorers continuously strive to be EXCELLENT at all we do, especially as leaders.
We have identified several areas where our campus culture is not yet excellent and we ask for your support in improving these areas. Please review this information for yourself and share the importance of following these expectations with your student. Improving these areas will keep East End a safe learning and working environment for ALL our students as we pursue our ambitious goal for each student to be College Ready.

Areas to Improve

  • Trash outside
  • Uniforms:        
    • shirts not tucked in   
    • wearing non-YES jackets
  • Gum
  • Refusal to follow redirections and/or unkind responses to redirections
  • Refusal to give adults anchors to mark behaviors
  • Walking out of class without permission
  • Tardy