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Before and After School Hours and Expectations

We are committed to providing a safe working and learning environment for our students at all times, including before and after school.
Before School Policy
Thank you for ensuring that our students arrive to campus on time! If you are dropping off your child at school, please ensure that he/she is dropped off no earlier than 7:00 AM and no later than 7:40 AM on La Vaca. Morning duty for teachers begins at 7:20AM, and early morning duty begins in the Great Hall at 7:00 AM; Explorers on campus are not supervised if they are dropped off before 7:00 AM, and the Great Hall will not be open. In addition, dropping students off in the parking lot is unsafe and causes traffic congestion. Please only drop off students on La Vaca between 7:00 AM and 7:40 AM.
After School Policy
We have a strict policy regarding student presence after school.

  • By 3:40 PM, ALL students are expected to be in a bus, in a car, walking home, in the Great Hall under adult supervision (where students who are waiting on a ride can stay until they are picked up), or under direct adult supervision (tutorials, athletics, service, trips, ACE, etc.).
  • Any students not under the direct supervision of an adult MUST have a dated, time-stamped pass that is signed by a staff member.
  • Students on campus wandering or otherwise hanging around without a pass or direct adult supervision after 3:40 PM will be immediately escorted by an adult to afterschool detention in the Great Hall. Refusal to comply of any sort (arguing, running away, disrespect, etc.) will result in an automatic Saturday Detention. 
  • Once escorted to the Great Hall, unsupervised students will be required to call their parents/guardians and cannot be picked up before 4:30 PM. Pick up from detention in advance of 4:30 PM will result in another afterschool detention.
  • The detention will be logged and will count against student’s discipline record. 

Students who are staying for tutorials or sports must be under the direct supervision of that teacher until they are picked up by their parent/guardian from the classroom or from practice. Students wandering the halls after such activities will be subject to the same disciplinary actions listed above.

Uniform Information

Uniforms can now be purchased online through the following link. Please visit the website for more information.  

If you have concerns or questions about uniforms please contact the vendor (information listed on the website).

Calculator Letter

Calculator Letter