YES Prep Senior Signing Day

On Senior Signing Day, our seniors proudly declare their college plans in an arena filled with the entire YES Prep community. Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments and bright futures of the Class of 2018.

Location: Minute Maid Park
Date: May 29, 2018
Time: 10:15 AM-12:45 PM

See FAQs below for ticketing information.

Family Reception
Location: Union Station
Time: 7:45-9:15 AM
RSVP by emailing

Share your excitement for the event by using the hashtags, #SSD18, #sayyestocollege, #lasrespuestaesYES, and #adelante18, on all platforms. 

Senior Signing Day 2016 Opening from YES Prep on Vimeo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Senior Signing Day ticketing work?
Senior Signing Day is a FREE event open to the YES Prep community and the families of our graduating seniors. Although Senior Signing Day is a free event, you will require a paper ticket or wristband to get in.

  • Each senior will receive two paper tickets for his/her family members and these two designated family members will be seated in the prime family section. Seniors will also receive four general admission wristbands for additional guests. 
  • All alumni should pick up general admission wristbands from their home campus during school hours by Thursday, May 24.
  • All general admissions guests, except families, should pick up wristbands from the YES Prep Home Office (5515 South Loop, Suite B, at the back of the YES Prep Southside building) between 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday by Thursday, May 24.
  • All Insperity Club guests should park in the Diamond Lot, enter through the Clock Tower Entrance, and sign-in at the table. There is no need to pick up a wristband or ticket in advance.
  • For anyone unable to pick up their tickets or wristbands by Thursday, May 24, there will be general admission wristbands available on the day of the event at 9:15 a.m. at the Atrium entrance of Minute Maid Park. 

What happens if I lose my ticket or wristband?
For families and general admissions guests who lose their tickets or wristbands, please go to the Atrium entrance of Minute Maid Park at 9:15 a.m.
Where should I park? How much does it cost?

  • Seniors will receive a parking pass in their Senior Signing Day packets good for one free spot in the Minute Maid Park's Lot B.
  • Insperity Club guests will show their parking pass to park in the Diamond Lot.
  • General Admission guests who receive a parking pass can park for free in the Congress & Crawford lot.
  • All guests without a parking pass will need to find available street parking or pay to park in an additional lot.
  • All campus staff and students will arrive via school bus.

Can my child sit on my lap or does he/she need a ticket?
Children under 36” are allowed into the arena without a ticket but will need to sit on the lap of their parent/guardian. 
Can you provide any special instructions for individuals in wheelchairs? Do they need to use a particular entrance or seating area? 
Individuals in wheelchairs may enter in the Atrium entrance with all other guests. Minute Maid is equipped with wheelchair seating at the top of each section. Once the individual arrives in the wheelchair, an usher will direct them to the wheelchair seating.
Can I bring or buy food or drink at Senior Signing Day?
Minute Maid Park's concession stands will not be open. The park strictly prohibits outside food or drink inside the premises. Water is available from water fountains. If you have special medical dietary needs that require you to bring food or drinks into the park, please contact your campus. Family members attending the early-morning event at Union Station will be served light refreshments.
What else can I bring or not bring?
Small purses are welcome but will be checked at the door.
Minute Maid Park does not permit the following:

  • strollers
  • umbrellas
  • signs
  • balloons
  • flower vases of any kind
  • loud horns/noise makers/vuvuzelas
  • backpacks/bookbags or large bags
  • camera lenses bigger than four inches

Please leave all the aforementioned items in your car. Students should leave all outerwear and bags on the bus.

What security procedures are in place for the event?
In accordance with Minute Maid Park's security procedures, all attendees will enter through metal detectors. Small purses/bags will be checked at the door. See above for a list of items that are not permitted.

What happens if it rains or there is severe weather?
Senior Signing Day is an indoor event; therefore, it will take place rain or shine.
Where do I sit?
Volunteers and Minute Maid staff will direct you to the correct area. Staff members will sit with their campus.

Schools seated at the first base line:

  • North Central
  • East End
  • Brays Oaks
  • West
  • Fifth Ward

Prime family seating for these campuses will be sections 124 and 125. General admission guests and alumni will be seated in 413, 414, and 415.

Schools seated at the third base line:

  • Gulfton
  • Northside
  • Southeast
  • North Forest
  • Southwest

Prime family seating for these campuses will be sections 113 and 114. General admission guests and alumni will be seated in 421, 422, and 423.

Is there a dress code?
Minute Maid Park reserves the right to turn away anyone dressed inappropriately. Seniors should follow the professional dress expectations outlined in their senior packets. Campuses will communicate uniform expectations to their students and staff. Home office staff should wear professional dress, ideally with a YES Prep polo. 

Are there lactation rooms for nursing mothers?
Minute Maid Park offers family restrooms throughout the facility that are available for nursing mothers.

What is the social media and cell phone use policy for staff and students?
Senior Singing Day is a system-wide celebration of our seniors open to the entire YES Prep community. As such, we encourage photos, videos, and social media posts to capture the big day and therefore allow students to use cell phones between 9:15 and 10:25 a.m. Student cell phones must be shut off for the remainder of the event. For staff, it is important to continue to abide by our system-wide social media policy that prohibits staff from connecting with students and posting pictures of students on their personal social media accounts. Campus social media accounts, however, are allowed to post images of students, staff, and others at the event.
Is there a hashtag for the event?
Please share your excitement for the event by using the hashtags, #SSD18, #sayyestocollege, #lasrespuestaesYES, and #adelante18, on all social media platforms.

Is there WiFi?
Minute Maid Park generously offers free WiFi during your visit.

  • Find Minute Maid Park-WiFi in the list of available networks
  • Open a browser to login
  • Select your carrier
  • Provide an email address (optional)
  • Review and accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Click "Agree" 

Will the event be broadcast?
Yes. More information about livestreaming will be available closer to the event date.