Teacher Story

Erika Parrish

Before I came to YES, I was a decent teacher. My students learned well and scored high on standardized tests. My life was rewarding, but I felt something was lacking in my experience as an educator. After seven years, I had a Master’s degree, a decent salary, and a professional trajectory that would end with a position in administration. I lacked, however, any knowledge of how to improve my craft as a teacher. I saw my students grow in my classroom every day and realized suddenly that I wasn’t adapting and improving as they were.

Keith Desrosiers

My name is Keith Desrosiers. Since the Fall of 1998 I have had the pleasure of working at YES Prep Public Schools. I grew up in Fall River, Massachusetts, attended Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Physics. After five years at Bridgewater, I entered graduate school at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where I completed a master’s degree in mathematics.

Dillon Hauptfuhrer

Age: 24 Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina College or University: University of Virginia YES Prep Campus: Gulfton Years at YES: 3rd Job before coming to YES Prep: None - College  Why I teach at YES Coming to YES Prep is the best “accident” that ever happened to me. Graduating college with my Master’s Degree in Teaching made me feel way less official than it sounded. I knew little more about where I was going with that degree other than that I wanted to be at a school that made success happen.

David Holmes

Age: 28 Hometown: Deer Park, NY College or University: University of Virginia YES Prep Campus: Northside Years at YES: 2 Job before coming to YES Prep: Elementary School Teacher in HISD   My YES Prep experience starts at an elementary school on the Northside of Houston, where I began as a 2nd teacher and a 2006 Teach For America Corps Member. There I learned how to fight for educational equality through teaching reading fluency, math songs, and overall fundamentals to get students on grade level.

Edith Rahimian

Age: 29 Hometown: Los Angeles, California YES Prep Campus: North Central Years at YES: 5 years Job before coming to YES Prep: 6th Grade Teacher at Patrick Henry Middle School Early on in my college career I knew that I was going to join Teach for America.  I learned a lot about the educational inequalities when I moved to Tucson, Arizona and through my own life experience and when I found out that a program like TFA existed, I knew that this would be the right move for me.  I was placed at Patrick Henry Middle school for 2 years, but stayed for 3.  My CS (curriculum Specialist) during TFA I

James T. Sheridan

Age 34 Hometown: Elmhurst, Illinois Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio YES Prep Southeast MS and HS This is my fourth year at YES. Before coming to YES Prep SE, I worked as a Middle School English and ESL teacher at McReynolds Middle School for two years with Teach For America and an additional two years afterwards; I also worked as a 6th and 7th grade English teacher at KIPP 3D Academy in Houston and as an 8th and 9th grade English teacher at Mastery Charter: Pickett Campus in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA.