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How can I check in?

YES Prep families, 

We want to make sure you are all safe and secure, and we also want to know if you have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey and need assistance. Please take a brief survey and let us know how you and your family are doing in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. If this is your first time logging in to SchoolMint, you can access your account by using the default password of yesprep_350!

YES Prep staff, please check in with your manager or School Director.

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How can I share my story?

If you or your family has experienced hardship because of Hurricane Harvey, or if you have an incredible story of strength and compassion to share, please let us know by completing a short form. Did your neighbors donate dry clothes? Did a friend offer you a place to stay? Did a teacher or school administrator check on you? Tell us how our community came together in the midst of Harvey. We will collect stories and share them with our YES Prep community, so that we can stand together. Click the button at the top right to share.

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How can I get help?

I need to:

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How can I help?

I want:

Special thanks to YES Prep's Teaching Excellence Harvey Resource Page for compiling the resources above.