Teacher Continuum

The YES Prep Teacher Continuum exists to create a compelling future that values increased performance over time, in an effort to maximize student achievement. The Continuum also exists as a high impact strategy to attract and retain top teacher talent.

Continuum Overview
YES Prep’s commitment to college completion for each of our students means that we must keep our most talented teacher leaders in the classroom and at YES Prep longer.  To do so, we have aligned compensation and career progression to performance in the classroom and on the campus, starting in the 2011-2012 school year.  YES Prep has created a system for educators that acknowledges growth over time and ensures strong results lead to accelerated career opportunities.  

Salary Opportunities - We believe that a large part of our strength as an organization comes from having unparalleled talent in the classroom. We believe that teaching is a craft that is improved upon over time, and we have created our evaluation and compensation system to emphasize this belief. Teachers starting at YES Prep begin either as First Year (new to teaching) or New to Blue (experienced teachers new to YES Prep). For more, check out our 2018-2019 Teacher Salary Scale.

Chart shows the potential salary of YES Prep teachers vs. local school districts. YES Prep teacher salaries start lower but grow much higher.

Focus on Growth, Coaching, and Support - The YES Prep Continuum structure anticipates that through hard work, adjustments in practice based on feedback, and a commitment to development, individuals will progress over time in their abilities to deliver strong classroom performance and solid student achievement. We recognize and embrace that people become better based off of targeted feedback and support. Every teacher on the Teacher Continuum at YES has a Dean of Instruction at his/her campus to provide regular classroom observations and coaching around targeted areas for growth. Teachers are also supported through Content Teams, led by Content Directors (exemplary current or former YES Prep teachers), where they receive support with planning and implementing the course curriculum. This support allows our teachers to grow effectively over time and ensures that students are learning the most critical skills and knowledge to become college ready.

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