The 74 on YES Prep: "At the Birthplace of College Signing Day, ‘Pumping Out Kids Prepared and Ready to Roll’

Richard Whitmire highlighted YES Prep as part of his series, The Alumni, about top charter networks. In his article, Whitmire tells the story of YES Prep founder, Chris Barbic, and then college counselor, Donald Kamentz, inventing Senior Signing Day, an event that has spread to charter schools across the country. Whitmire also shares how YES Prep's IMPACT program was developed.

Today, most charter networks build college partnerships, in which the colleges recruit their students, give them full financial rides — or close to it — and promise to recruit their students in small “clusters” so they won’t be isolated. In short, they promise to go the extra mile to ensure they graduate. That, too, started in Houston in 2006 with YES Prep via partnerships called IMPACT.
-Richard Whitmire, The74

Whitmire visisted the IMPACT Institute, where college representatives from some of the most selective colleges and universities met with YES Prep students and their families, and interviewed a few YES Prep students in attendance.

Garza has no regrets about her decision, citing a college visit trip she was able to make to Washington, D.C., where she visited George Washington University and Catholic University, as well as Goucher College and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Without YES’s support, that trip would not have happened, she said, and without the IMPACT program, Garza feels she would have stood no chance of getting a full financial ride from any of those institutions.
-Richard Whitmire, The74

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