Video Interview Tips

Part of our hiring process includes a video interview. Many companies are using video interviews now as a way to speed up the hiring process and get to learn more about the real you. If you move forward in the hiring process, you’ll have three days to complete the video interview at a time and location of your choosing.

Video interview tips: 1. Relax and be yourself 2. Treat this as an in-person interview and wear business casual 3. Record interview in quiet environment 4. Let your passion shine through
We understand that a one-way video interview can feel awkward, which is why we provided you with three days to record and submit your answers, and have listed some additional tips below:

  • Practice your video recording first. After your practice run, you still get two tries to record your response. Take advantage of them!
  • Write out your responses after reviewing the question. There is no time limit for writing out or thinking about your response before recording.
  • Provide detailed responses. This will allow us to learn more about you, so be your best advocate by highlighting your strengths, achievements, and approach to your work. We give you up to two minutes to answer a question, and often find that a 30-second response does not allow us to fully evaluate a candidate.


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