Who We Look For

It takes a diverse and dynamic teaching force to make our mission a reality. We seek out teachers with various backgrounds, talents, interests, and ideas in order to provide our students with the diverse staff that will best meet their needs. When we look at our most effective staff members, though, certain traits consistently shine through.

Successful team members are:

Passionate about the mission. Bridging the opportunity gap and making college completion a reality for low-income students is a daunting task. Passion for the work and mission is what carries our most effective team members through the daily challenges they face.

Driven towards results. High-achieving YES Prep teachers and leaders have a track record of setting goals and working diligently to achieve them. This drive is crucial in leading our students towards college success.

Caring. Great teachers and leaders truly care about their students. Our students are willing to rise to the academic challenges we present to them every day not because we tell them to, but because they trust us and know we care about them personally. It is these relationships that lead to our success.

Resilient. All of our team members make mistakes and experience failure while at YES Prep. Taking risks and learning from failure are at the heart of progress. Effective teachers and leaders know this and are able to reflect on failures, change course, and move forward.

Humble. The best teachers are the first to admit that they do not have all the answers. At YES Prep, our most effective team members keep the mission above their ego. They ask for help, seek feedback, and continually implement that feedback in order to push themselves and their students forward. 

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