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Administrative Office

5455 South Loop East Fwy
Houston TX, 77033

General inquiries:
(713) 967-9000, (713) 589-2502 (fax),
Talent Acquisition Team -
Benefits Team -
Payroll Team -
Human Resources:
Talent Team -
Verifications of Employment (The Work Number)
- 800-367-5690 M-F 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (CT),   
- YES Prep Employer Code – 4666726 
Media Inquiries:
Sybil Sanchez, Director of Communications
Donors & Events:
Leigh Levine, Managing Director of Development 
Pierre Urban, Senior Athletic Director
Campus Tours:
Public Information:
Send requests via email to
Request mailing address is 5455 South Loop East Fwy, Houston TX, 77033

School Contact Information

For the full list of our elementary and secondary schools, including their contact information and social media channels, please click here.