YES Prep Public Schools

District Partnerships

Partnerships are one way that YES Prep increases its impact and strives to achieve its vision that every child in Houston will have equitable access to a public school that delivers an excellent, college-ready education. YES Prep forms partnerships with its neighboring districts in order to provide a platform to share and replicate best practices. We believe that we have more common ground than battleground in regards to seeking educational equity and excellence for all students.

At our partnership campuses, YES Prep controls curriculum, staffing, code of conduct, student culture, and non-personnel expenses. The district partner controls school operations like food, facilities, transportation, and student coding.

The district partner is also accountable to the TEA for state assessments, attendance, reporting on special education requirements, maintaining transcripts, and ultimately issues diplomas. YES Prep reports student results to stakeholders including staff, families, grantors, and donors. Because YES Prep is considered a program within the partner district by TEA, our students’ diplomas have a YES Prep seal.

Spring Branch ISD and KIPP-Houston

In 2011, Spring Branch ISDKIPP-Houston, and YES Prep Public Schools formed an innovative, three-way partnership called the SKY Partnership. The purpose of the SKY Partnership is to provide additional excellent choices for students in the Spring Branch ISD area, and to accelerate and support the culture of post-secondary success within Spring Branch. The Gates Foundation rewarded the partnership with the honor of being a Bill and Melinda Gates Compact City for District-Charter Collaboration. Together we are proving the idea that district-charter partnerships can and will enhance the performance of all students.

YES Prep Northbrook Middle School has students in grades 6-8 and KIPP Courage at Landrum Middle School serves students in grades 5-8. All of these students have the opportunity to attend YES Prep Northbrook High School, a YES Prep program within Spring Branch’s Northbrook High School. All students have access to the broad range of electives and extra-curricular activities offered by Spring Branch ISD while taking their core academic classes at YES Prep or KIPP Courage.