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AP Summit

We have an exciting, free opportunity to support your child in earning college credit while in high school! 

The AP Summit is a free, district-wide event created to support students enrolled in AP courses to be successful on their AP exams. Qualifying scores on AP exams, taken in May on campuses, can earn students college credit at no cost – YES Prep covers exam registration. 

If your child is currently enrolled in one or more AP courses, encourage them to attend this year's AP Summit. If your child is not yet enrolled in any AP courses, have a conversation with them about enrolling next time the opportunity is available.

2024 AP Summit

Saturday, 8:45 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.
April 20th at YES Prep North Central
April 27th at YES Prep Southwest


Who should attend: 
High school students enrolled in AP classes.
What does the Summit consist of: 
The AP Summit is a day of intensive review and practice taught by AP teachers from across YES Prep. Each review session at AP Summit targets the most important concepts from the curriculum, covers questions from previous AP exams, and provides students with tips on the exams. 
Students may take three different review sessions at the summit.
How do I attend:
The EventSquid registrations are now available.  Please click on the AP Summit you plan to attend:               AP Summit April 20, 2024 at YES Prep North Central (
Registration closes the day before the AP Summit but if transportation is needed, please register a week before the summit.
Information on session description, schedule for each day and links to register will be available in the AP Summit Schoology Course.  The Access Code is 63D9-78G5-HP76Z

2024 AP Summit