YES Prep Public Schools



YES Prep elementary schools strive to ensure that in every classroom, every day, all students engage in rigorous and active learning, increasing their college readiness. The academic program will reflect this vision and execute on this promise.

The elementary academic programming has been thoughtfully designed to ensure students achieve and become passionate learners through high volume reading, solving real world and complex math problems, engaging in scientific inquiry, practicing persistence, building positive relationships, and understanding the world in a collaborative community. 


YES Prep secondary schools' curriculum has been designed to prepare students for the rigors of college-level work in accordance with our mission. YES Prep believes that students' access to aligned and rigorous curriculum is a key lever to educational equity. In effective classrooms, the teacher strikes a balance that allows students to struggle productively while ensuring that they have the appropriate resources and scaffolds to learn through that struggle.

YES Prep will provide secondary students with the support and appropriate interventions to make it possible for each of our students to succeed academically, including group and individual tutorial and enrichment sessions, opportunities to contact the teacher for help after school, and frequent feedback to both students and guardians about progress in class.