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Human Sexuality & Responsibility Curriculum at YES Prep

YES Prep believes that a valuable element of education is the development of respect for all individuals, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability or other personal attributes. The district is committed to providing all students with a positive learning environment that enhances personal safety and promotes respect, dignity and equality. High standards are expected for both academic achievement and for behavior.

The district’s Human Sexuality and Responsibility (HSR) education program has been established to provide information and skill development for students so that they may reach their highest potential for physical, emotional, mental, and social health. The curriculum content shall be delivered in a developmentally and age-appropriate manner and shall include the most current and scientifically accurate information.

To ensure that students receive quality HSR instruction, all teachers teaching aspects of HSR will receive comprehensive training on skills and best practices about navigating complex content and concepts.

Families shall have ample opportunity to preview all instructional materials online. Additionally, families may contact individual schools to view teacher resources. For any other information or requests, please contact campus principals.

Eighth Grade Health I

The Health I course (taken in the spring semester of 8th grade) for high school credit includes one unit of Human Sexuality and Responsibility curriculum. All instruction is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Health I and is aligned to the Texas Health Skills for High School textbook that is approved by the State Board of Education.  The 10 lessons in this unit cover developmentally and age-appropriate information related to healthy and unhealthy relationships; reproduction; pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections; and abstinence, contraception, and consent. The Lesson Overviews document includes a calendar for instruction, the daily Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, and the daily topics. The Guidelines for Discussion will be used to create a safe space that honors all viewpoints and family values.

For full access to the curriculum or for questions, you can contact the YES Prep Home Office (phone: 713-967-9000 or email: (Subj: Health Curriculum)).