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For the 2021-2022 school year, YES Prep will run traditional athletic programming. This will include the return to HCAL for scheduling with outside organizations for district and non- district games. Programming will include all core sports for High School and Middle School and non-core sports that include Junior Varsity teams, cheer, flag football and track.

COVID Protocols effective 10.18.21In order to ensure the safety of all stakeholders in the athletics program during the current COVID climate, YES Prep will be implementing the following protocols. These protocols will be put in place for the second quarter and will be  re-evaluated at the end of the quarter.

  1. For indoor events, spectators will be allowed to the attend the event until the threshold of 75% of seating capacity is reached ( once this limit has been reached no one will be allowed to enter)
  2. Masks will be highly recommended
  3. Sanitation stations will be put in place for high traffic areas

If you have any questions, please contact your campus athletic director.



Flag Football Champions 

AD Contact List 

Name Campus Email Address Live Stream Channels 
Joshua Gutierrez  YP White Oak YP White Oak (currently unavailable)
Bryan Castillo YP North Forest YP North Forest
Chelsea White YP Southside YP Southside
Chris Garcia YP Southeast YP Southeast
Amber Jones  YP Northside YP Northside (currently unavailable)
Sebastian Gonzalez YP Brays Oaks YP Brays Oaks
Sarah Wooton YP Northline YP Northline
George Fields YP West YP West
Dustin Mikkelson YP East End YP East End
Donald Harvey YP Gulfton YP Gulfton
Antonio Davis YP Northwest YP Northwest (currently unavailable)
Ajani Spiller YP North Central YP North Central (currently unavailable)
Tiffany Steele YP Fifth Ward YP Fifth Ward
Clarence Davis YP Southwest YP Southwest
Jessica Shannon YP Hobby YP Hobby


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District Contact

Pierre Urban, Athletic Director

Pierre Urban, Director of Athletics Programming