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Esports stands for electronic sports. Esports is different from recreational video gaming in that it will be organized competitive gameplay between two individuals, governed by a set of rules and guidelines created by YP athletic directors. Esports will develop teamwork, communication, critical and strategic thinking, creativity, sportsmanship, and leadership for anyone who participates.

Esports will be set up with the structure of a traditional sports team with expectations for eligibility, discipline and class work completion as requirements for participation and continued involvement. ADs will be responsible for the management of their Esports program to ensure that all students are meeting expectations and engaging in a positive manner.

There will be schedules that will provide competitive games on Friday evenings with a time limit of no more than 1.5 hrs per game. Students will need to earn the right to play in these games by meeting all academic expectations during the week. Failure to meet the academic expectation would result in the opportunity to play be taken away.

Athletic Directors will develop communication, accountability, tracking and results reporting systems for programming on their campus. Winners from each campus will complete in a tournament at the end of the season for the district championship. There will also be a staff division to promote staff well-being and interaction. We will provide this programming for the entire school year.


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