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SAT Prep at YES Prep

At YES Prep, our mission is to ensure that every student is a competitive college applicant so that they can successfully matriculate to and graduate from college.  A key component of our students' college-readiness is their performance on college entrance exams like the SAT. Although a student's performance on the SAT is not the only factor used in determining a student's admissibility to college, it is an important factor of a student’s application to college. Performing well on the SAT means that our students are more competitive for admission to a wider variety of institutions. Additionally, strong scores provide greater access to the scholarships and financial aid needed to make attending college affordable.

Given the power SAT scores have to either close or open doors for our students, YES Prep has made SAT Prep for our juniors a district-wide priority. YES Prep is proud to offer our students 25 hours of in-school Kaplan SAT Prep through our Junior Seminar. Additionally, YES Prep has invested in one-to-one technology for every junior during Junior Seminar class. As a result of this technology, students can engage in dedicated, individualized SAT practice on Khan Academy 1-2 days a week. Students will also sit for two full-length practice SAT exams, and will take the official SAT twice in their junior year. Students will also have the opportunity to retake the exam a third time in the fall of their senior year. Taking the SAT multiple times gives our students the best opportunity to achieve a college-ready score. Beyond test prep provided in Junior Seminar, YES Prep is committed to ensuring that our English Language Arts and Math courses remain SAT aligned. Through these efforts, our students are exposed to and prepared for the rigor of the SAT content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in learning more about how YES Prep Public Schools supports test prep, find answers to some frequently asked questions below:

Are YES Prep students allowed to take the ACT?

Yes, although we do not prep explicitly for the ACT, students are allowed to register for and sit for the ACT if they wish to do so. Students who receive free and reduced lunch qualify for 2 SAT fee waivers as well as 2 ACT fee waivers. Fee waivers for the ACT can be obtained from your student’s college counselor.

Do PSAT scores count towards college admissions?

No, PSAT scores do not count towards college admissions. PSAT exams taken in ninth and 10th grade serve as a benchmark to help students gauge their college-readiness. In the 11th grade, PSAT scores can be used to qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship program. If students achieve a high enough PSAT score to be selected as a National Merit Scholar finalist, the students are eligible to receive thousands of dollars in scholarships reserved only for National Merit Finalists and National Merit Scholars. For more information on the National Merit Scholarship program, please visit:

National Merit Scholarship Website

When do YES Prep students take the SAT?

Yes Prep students are required to take the official SAT a minimum of two times, once in December of their junior year, and once in March or April of their junior year. Seniors will have the opportunity to retake the SAT for third time in October of senior year.

What does it cost to take the SAT?

The SAT without the essay section costs $49.50; however, students who receive free and reduced lunch are eligible to receive two fee waivers from the College Board to cover the cost of the registration fee. Fee waivers may be obtained from your student’s college counselor.

Beyond admissions, who else looks at SAT score reports?

SAT scores are primarily used during the college admissions process, but students may be required to submit SAT scores for other opportunities such as competitive scholarship programs and college fly-ins. Higher SAT scores can increase your student’s competitiveness for admission to college, but they can also increase the likelihood that your students will be selected for scholarships and admission to competitive student opportunities that help build a strong resume for their college applications.

Student Resources

Beyond content tutorials Khan Academy provides a variety of resources for students preparing for the SAT.  Please utilize the following resources to prepare for the SAT.

Study Tips:
SAT Preparation on Khan Academy:
Test Day Resources:
Additional Khan Academy Resources:

Parent Resources

Khan Academy, which YES Prep utilizes as a study and individualized learning platform for the SAT provides a series of instructional articles for parents wishing to support their students on the SAT.  We encourage you to utilize Khan Academy, the same way your students can.  

Motivational Resources
Tutoring Resources
Other Khan Academy Resources

Looking for answers on how register for the SAT, SAT subject exams, and anything else not covered here? Check out the College Board SAT homepage and their Help page for answers to commonly asked questions.

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