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The SAT is an assessment used by many colleges and universities to make college admission decisions. While you may have heard that some schools are going “test-optional,” it is important for our students to sit for the exam because SAT scores may be required by some of the schools on their college list, and SAT scores are still required for many scholarships.

SAT Prep at YES Prep

At YES Prep, our mission is to ensure that every student is a competitive college applicant so that they can successfully matriculate to and graduate from college.  A key component of our students' college-readiness is their performance on college entrance exams like the SAT. Although a student's performance on the SAT is not the only factor used in determining a student's admissibility to college, it is an important factor of a student’s application to college. Performing well on the SAT means that our students are more competitive for admission to a wider variety of institutions. Additionally, strong scores provide greater access to the scholarships and financial aid needed to make attending college affordable.

Given the power SAT scores have to either close or open doors for our students, YES Prep has made SAT Prep for our juniors a district-wide priority. YES Prep is proud to offer our students 25 hours of in-school Kaplan SAT Prep through our Junior Seminar. Additionally, YES Prep has invested in one-to-one technology for every junior during Junior Seminar class. As a result of this technology, students can engage in dedicated, individualized SAT practice on Khan Academy 1-2 days a week. Students will also sit for two full-length practice SAT exams, and will take the official SAT twice in their junior year. Students will also have the opportunity to retake the exam a third time in the fall of their senior year. Taking the SAT multiple times gives our students the best opportunity to achieve a college-ready score. Beyond test prep provided in Junior Seminar, YES Prep is committed to ensuring that our English Language Arts and Math courses remain SAT aligned. Through these efforts, our students are exposed to and prepared for the rigor of the SAT content.

YES Prep SAT Resources

Looking for answers on how register for the SAT, SAT subject exams, and anything else not covered here? Check out the College Board SAT homepage and their Help page for answers to commonly asked questions.

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