YES Prep Public Schools

SAT School Day

Twice a year, campuses across the district will host an SAT School Day, one day for juniors and another day for seniors.

This day is offered as an opportunity for students to improve their SAT scores. For some students this will be their first opportunity to take the test.  
Families encourage their child to practice weekly at Kahn Academy to prepare for the SAT.  
Hosting SAT School Day at your child's YES Prep campus will allow access to the SAT for all YES Prep students and ensure a familiar testing environment to help reduce test anxiety and encourage focus on test day.   

Please be sure you follow any SAT School Day instructions sent home from your child’s campus so that you can be prepared and ready for test day. Please also ensure your child attends school the day on SAT School Day to allow them to take their free SAT Exam. Students who don’t attend may have to register for an additional testing day on the weekend, not at your child’s school, and they may have to pay a registration fee.  
If for any reason, you or your child needs help or has questions on test day, please be sure to reach out to their college counselor or your school’s director of college counseling.    

2023-24 SAT School Days