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The Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA) is how the State of Texas determines what level of college level courses in reading, writing, and mathematics students should take.

For students who earn a 480 EBRW and 530 MATH SAT score, your SAT score is classified as "College Ready" and is used as your placement score in your transition to colleges in Texas.

If you did not earn a 480 EBRW or a 530 MATH SAT score, your college counselor will be talking with you about taking the TSIA.

TSIA Day at YES Prep

YES Prep will offer seniors an opportunity to sit for the TSIA at their YES Prep campuses in the spring semester. The assessment is free of cost for students who test on this day. Typically, students who take the TSIA at a college or university must pay up to $30 for the assessment. Should a student want or need to test off campus, they will be responsible for any required fees.  

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