YES Prep Public Schools

Previous Employees

The information below is for all former YES Prep employees who would like to request information from YES Prep Public Schools after separation.

Request Service Record - Please fill out the form completely and submit.  Please allow a turnaround time of 30 business days from the date you submitted your request. 

*During the summer months (June and July), please know we may extend a few more days  due to high volume.

Verification of Employment (VOE) - There are two ways to request a VOE.

  1. Written Letter - If you need a letter verifying your previous employment with YES Prep, please email and include the following:

A.  Full Name (Please indicate if you had other names while employed with YES Prep).

B. Year(s) employed with YES Prep.

2. Salary & Wage Employment Verification

  • 800-367-5690 M-F 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (ET)
  • (YES Prep Employer Code- 4666726) 

3. If you have a document for us to fill out, please send it to


Accessing W-2 on Employee Self Service (ESS)- As a previous employee, you can access  your W-2 form via our employee self service system. If you have any issues logging in, please reach out to to reset your password. 

Username: <first initial><last initial><last 4 digits of SSN>  (Ex: YPXXXX)

Password: last 4 digits of your SSN

Teacher Retirement System (TRS) - Once you have separated from YES Prep, you can reach out to TRS to verify that your information is correct. If there are any discrepancies, please reach out to

1. My TRS Login -  Log-in to your TRS account to view your TRS contributions. As a member you can plan for retirement and keep track your personal account.

2. TRS Forms - If retiring, please fill out TRS 7 form and send to

One America (401k) - If you have separated from YES Prep Public Schools, you can transfer your funds to your new employers 401k account.

AIG (457b) - Call to speak with an AIG representative to decide on any transitions on your accounts.