YES Prep Public Schools

Dyslexia Services

All 6th and 7th grade students at YES Prep demonstrating gaps in their reading level are enrolled in a reading intervention class where they receive research-based direct instruction in these skills.  

Dyslexia is a neurological condition; the characteristics of dyslexia include difficulty with recognizing words accurately and quickly, difficulty breaking down words, and poor spelling.  If a student is suspected of having dyslexia, they will be evaluated and served through either Section 504 or Special Education, depending on the student's need.   

Universal Screening Process

All 7th grade students at YES Prep go through a universal screening process as required by the state of Texas, which includes formal and informal data, to determine if they demonstrate characteristics of dyslexia.  If students enrolled in reading intervention classes in any grade display a pattern of characteristics of dyslexia, they may be referred for an additional screening by the Literacy Specialist.   

Services Offered

Once identified, students with dyslexia are served either through 504 or Special Education and are provided with research-based individualized supports.  YES Prep offers small group reading instruction with a targeted and research-based curriculum to students with dyslexia who demonstrate a need for this intervention.  The Section 504 or Annual Review & Dismissal (ARD) Committee will annually review and recommend additional accommodations for all students enrolled in these programs.    

Should the student's family or school staff suspect a need for specially designed instruction through special education services, they can refer the student for a special education evaluation at any time.