YES Prep Public Schools

English Learners

At the elementary level, YES Prep supports English Learners (ELs) by providing high-quality bilingual programming through 5th grade in order to develop native Spanish speakers into fully biliterate students.  YES Prep provides an English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) program to ELs in both elementary and secondary schools that focuses on developing English as a second language and using English as a medium to learn mathematics, science, social studies, and other academic subjects. 


The goal of YES Prep's program is to enable English Learners to master listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English. YES Prep works towards this goal by adjusting the way that content is taught or tested for all English Learners who qualify. YES Prep trains teachers in the use of high impact instructional strategies in the teaching of English Learners so that students may work towards mastery of content as well as mastery of the English language.  Teachers incorporate English Language Proficiency Standards into daily instruction for this purpose.  Additionally, all middle and high school English teachers are required to become certified in teaching English as a Second Language to better support English Learners in the classroom. 

Language Proficiency Assessment Committee

All English Learners will be monitored to ensure academic progress by the Language Proficiency Assessment Committee on their campus. This committee is responsible for coordinating any additional services and supports needed for the student to meet their language acquisition goals.  Every year, English Learners take the state-required TELPAS (Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System) exam to monitor their level of language proficiency and progress.  

Sheltered Instruction

Students who are Beginning or Intermediate Language Learners per the TELPAS assessment will be given additional accommodations and modifications in the classroom which may include the use of Sheltered Instruction.  Sheltered Instruction focuses on acquisition of academic vocabulary and English language structures while meeting content area standards.   

Campus Support

Every YES Prep campus has a designated staff member responsible for coordinating support of English Learners on the campus. YES Prep also employs a Director of English Learner Program and a Manager of Literacy Interventions who provides system-wide support.  

At elementary campuses, the Assistant Principal is the designated contact for questions about services for English Learners.  At secondary campuses, the Literacy Specialist is the designated contact for questions about the ESL program. 

Should the student's family or school staff suspect a need for specially designed instruction through special education services, they can refer the student for a special education evaluation at any time.  

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