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Special Education

Special Education Updates from TEA

YES Prep complies with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  When a student enrolls at YES Prep, we provide that student with a free and appropriate public education that meets their needs including at our partnership campuses.  

The Special Education teams on each campus provide a range of services deemed appropriate by the ARD committee for each student from direct instruction in the Learning Lab to in-class support in the general education classroom. Our special education teams also offer support for socio-emotional and behavioral needs.  

All eligible students with disabilities receive a free and appropriate public education in accordance with their ARD/IEP meeting as reflected in the Legal Framework for the Child-Centered Special Education Process located here

An individualized education program (IEP) is developed, implemented and monitored for each student with a disability according to state and federal law. 

YES Prep embraces an inclusive approach to Special Education and rigor for all students. We know that students with disabilities have individual needs and we tailor our instruction to ensure that students are prepared for rigorous post-secondary opportunities.

Special Education Operating Guidelines

You can read more about YES Prep's Special Education policies and procedures by <clicking here> to read our Special Education Operating Guidelines. 

Special Education Settings

Students with low incidence disabilities, like an intellectual disability or autism, who need to spend most of the day in a Special Education setting are typically referred to our YES Student Transition and Enrichment Program (YSTEP) program at the secondary level or our Students Honoring Intelligence and Nurturing Excellence (SHINE) program at the elementary level. 

Our district has six formal YSTEP locations to serve these students - East End, Brays Oaks, Gulfton, Southside, White Oak, Fifth Ward, and North Forest.  We have two formal SHINE locations at YES Prep North Central Elementary and YES Prep Southeast Elementary. 

If the ARD committee deems that this setting is the most appropriate placement for a student, we offer a transfer to a campus that has the YSTEP or SHINE program.  Community Based Vocational Instruction (CBVI) programming is offered through YSTEP, which provides real-world workforce opportunities for students. 


We prepare all of our students for rigorous post-secondary opportunities through transition planning in the ARD process.  For more information on transition, consult the resources below:


Special Education services and questions: Brionne Roberts, 713-967-9000.

Transition services: Kayla Pickney, 713-967-9060

Refer your student for Special Education testing: Alexandra Trevino, 713-967-9000

Child Find 

YES Prep is responsible for identifying, locating and evaluating all students who are potentially eligible for Special Education and related services.  According to the Texas Education Agency, YES Prep's Child Find duty to seek parental consent to evaluate a child when it suspects or has reason to suspect that the child has a disability and needs Special Education services is an affirmative one: a parent is not required to request that the LEA identify and evaluate the child. 

This means that it is the responsibility of the school system, YES Prep, to identify and evaluate students who may need Special Education services.  A parent may request an initial evaluation at any time if the parent believes that his or her child is a child with a disability in need of Special Education and related services.   

  • To refer your student for Special Education testing, contact Alexandra Trevino at 713-967-9000.