YES Prep Public Schools

Dental Services

Bering Omega Dental Clinic 713-341-3790, 1427 Hawthorne, Houston 77006
Eligibility established at Bering Clinic for HIV+, indigent patients (children not eligible). Spanish spoken and other languages through interpreters. Serves Harris County and out of county residents who meet eligibility guidelines, 8am–5pm, M-F. Accepts Medicaid.
El Centro de Corazon – Eastwood Health Clinic 713-660-1880, 12 Telephone Road, Houston 77023 Dunn Clinic 7635 Canal St. 77017 (Pedi Dental Only)
Dental services available. Sliding scale fee depending on income.
Harris County Health Department 713-212-6800
Contract program with private dentists referred through school and clinic nurses. Harris County residents outside City of Houston, 6 mo-20 years old. Fee based on income. Medicaid, CHIP accepted. Clinics at the following sites:
Antoine Health Center 5815 Antoine, Houston 77091 713-602-3355
Southeast Health Center 3737 Red Bluff, Pasadena 77503 713-740-5013
Harris County Hospital District 
713-757-0572, 5230 Griggs Rd, Houston 77021 Appointments: 713-526-4243
Must have Harris County Hospital District gold card. Must have referral from primary care physician. Extractions and treatment of dental and special oral surgical problems. Ages 16+. 1st Weds of each month, 8a-12p.
Houston City Dental Clinics 
Casa De Amigos 1809 N. Main Northside 8504 Schuller, Lyons (children only) 5602 Lyons West End 170 Heights, The Center 3550 W. Dallas Sunnyside 9314 Cullen, Magnolia Health Center 7037 Capital Clinic Pharmacy 1615 Main, Eligibility Centers: Acres Homes-818 Ringle Northeast 11737 E. Mount Houston, Southeast 3550 A Swingle Rd Willis Moore Center 8901 B Boone Rd, Pasadena 925 Shaw Rd
Dental care for indigent children ages 1-19 with eligibility card or ages 2-21 with Medicaid. Spanish, Vietnamese, and Chinese spoken. Must be Harris County resident. Must first pick up application packet. Applications accepted in person at eligibility center, or by mail (PO Box 300488, Houston, 77230). Hours: Mon-Fri, 7a-4p, 2nd Weds, 12p-4p.
San Jose Clinic Information: 713-228-9411, 2615 Fannin St., Houston 77002 Hours: 8 am-5 pm. To make an eligibility appointment: 713-228-2651
Dental care for the uninsured. To obtain services at our Downtown Dental clinic you must first obtain a Clinic Card. Walk-ins only: first come, first serve. At eligibility appointment, present required documentation for adult: identification, proof of income or unemployment, dependent identification, and proof of address. Contact the clinic for a list of documents that are acceptable. Each family member that needs a card must provide this documentation at his or her eligibility interview. Fees for services are directly related to eligibility criteria based on a sliding scale and determined during the eligibility interview. Eligibility form available on website can be printed and filled out prior to going to clinic.
Wild Smiles Dental Centers 
713-668-5437, 5720-D Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire 77081 Contact: Daryl King (Office Manager)
Dental care for children ages 6 months-21 yrs. and adults. Free dental screenings, exchange toothbrush service, free oral hygiene education. Accepts Medicaid, CHIP, CHSCN, Aetna, Cigna, and works with parents of uninsured children to provide low fees.
University of Texas Dental School Information Line: 713-486-4000, 7500 Cambridge St, Houston 77054
Open M-F, 8:30-3p (first come, first serve basis). Qualification for services depends on dental student’s need for experience. After the initial visit, appointments are set for continuing work. Fees are discussed after acceptance. Accepts cash, credit cards and money orders only. Closed Mondays during the summer. Limited emergency services available for $150-175. Children - Adults.