YES Prep Public Schools

Title IX

Title IX is a federal law that requires campuses to ensure there are processes in place for any student or staff to report any form of sexual harassment or sexual violence and to respond to any reports with possible supports or investigation.
Learn how YES Prep addresses Title IX by reading the following policies and procedures:

If you or someone you know needs assistance with a sexual harassment concern, you may submit a Student Assistance Form (SAF) using the button below, fill out this Title IX Formal Complaint Form, or reach out to your campus Title IX coordinator.

Title IX Secondary Campus Coordinators

YES Prep Brays Oaks
(713) 967-8400
Natalie Garcia,
Director of Student Support
Selina Hall-Swope, Principal
YES Prep Fifth Ward
(713) 924-0600
Luis Macias, 
Director of Student Support
Antonio Castillo, Principal
YES Prep North Central Secondary
(713) 967-8800
Adan Morales,
Director of Student Support
Jeffrey Osborne, Principal
YES Prep Northbrook Middle
(713) 251-4200
Kierra Gregory,
Director of Student Support
Erin Sadler, Principal
YES Prep Northwest
(713) 842-5510
Brittney Jones,
Director of Student Support
Justin West, Principal
YES Prep Southwest
(713) 967-9200
Aaron Madson, 
Director of Student Support
Addison Feind, Principal
YES Prep Thrive
(713) 924-5444
Jason Hannans, 
Director of Student Support
Veronica Quiballo, Principal
YES Prep East End Secondary
(713) 967-7800
Megan Zimmerhanzel, 
Director of Student Support
Aaron Simmons, Principal
YES Prep Gulfton
(713) 967-9800
Jasmine Britton,
Director of Student Support
Cintia Arenas, Principal
YES Prep North Forest Secondary
(713) 967-8699
Sandra Hughes
Naketchia Alfred, Principal
YES Prep Northline
(713) 842-5400
LeNette Battle Thibodeaux, 
Director of Student Support
Brittany McGruder, Principal
YES Prep Southeast Secondary
(713) 967-9400
Francheska McIntyre, Director of Student Support
Emily Ryans, Principal
YES Prep West
(713) 967-8200
Deja Laws, 
Director of Student Support
Sara Kaveeshwar, Principal
YES Prep Eisenhower
(281) 591-3780
Ashley Thomas,
Director of Student Support
Megan Goldsberry, Principal
YES Prep Hobby
(713) 842-5600
Jaclyn Peck, 
Director of Student Support
Adrienne Brown, Principal
YES Prep Northbrook High
(713) 251-4250
Keith Donkor, 
Director of Student Support
Gregory Little, Principal
YES Prep Northside
(713) 924-0400
Shelia Williams,
Director of Student Support
Stephanie Gounder, Principal
YES Prep Southside Secondary
(713) 924-5500
Sheporah Johnson, 
Director of Student Support
Bryce Moore, Principal
YES Prep White Oak
(713) 924-5200
Kiona Davis,
Director of Student Support
Jennifer Greene, Principal

Title IX Elementary Campus Coordinators

YES Prep Airline Elementary
(713) 261-7034
Caroline Thouin,
Assistant Principal
Cynovia Hall, Principal
YES Prep North Forest Elementary
(713) 924-5600
Jamelle Bass,
Assistant Principal
Johnie Flores, Principal
YES Prep East End Elementary
(713) 924-0800
Evelyn Gutierrez, 
Assistant Principal
Brian Vannest, Principal
YES Prep Southeast Elementary
(713) 842-5555
LaTresha Campbell,
Assistant Principal
Diana Rios, Principal
YES Prep North Central Elementary
(713) 842-5650
Marianny Santana,
Assistant Principal
Michelle LaFlure, Principal
YES Prep Southside Elementary
(713) 924-5300
Jasmine Castillo,
Assistant Principal
Andrea Citchen, Principal

If you are not able to reach your school's Title IX Coordinator, please reach out to Amanda Rawlings, Managing Director of School Culture, at or (713) 967-7802 or to Ahmer Naeem, Director of State and Legal Compliance, at or (713) 924-0603.