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For over a decade Teaching Excellence (TE) has existed to transform talent by providing exceptional coaching and professional development in order to accelerate teacher effectiveness. 

Teaching Excellence transforms first-year teacher effectiveness by providing excellent coaching, professional development, and a certification pathway to accelerate teacher effectiveness.

Teaching Excellence exists to accelerate teacher effectiveness in year one. 

Admissions Requirements

To begin programming with Teaching Excellence’s Summer Cohort, all teachers must be formally admitted into Teaching Excellence by June 7, 2024. To get formally admitted, teachers must: Submit official university transcripts with degrees conferred to by May 28. Create a TEA ID & complete your Candidate Profile Form. Take & pass PACT and/or TOEFL exam by May 28 -- this is based on your transcript review. Sign TE formal admission documents by June 7, 2024.

Program Requirements

All programming outlined below is aligned to state requirements for an Alternative Certification Program.

Induction:  A 3 week in-person summer intensive that will prepare you to be first day ready to welcome your new students!

Online Coursework: Asynchronous coursework aligned to key content and pedagogy.

Teacher Development Saturdays: One full Saturday per month in-person directly aligned to trends and challenges in the classroom.

Field Based Experiences: 30 hours of in person and video observations.

240 tutoring prep for Content Exam: Online content exam study material and preparation prior to taking content exam.

Take and pass all certification exams: Every certification area has between 2-4 exams. Teachers must complete and gain approval for, attempt, and pass all content and pedagogy exams.

Teachers must complete all pre-service requirements (Field Based Experiences, taking and passing content exams, summer programming hours) prior to August 1 in order to be eligible for an Initial Teaching Certificate

TE Induction

All teachers enrolled in Teaching Excellence are required to attend our Induction. Induction is an intensive training that prepares teachers to be first day ready and welcome your students. Teachers will learn foundational teaching skills and explore more about themselves and their purpose for teaching. Summer Induction will be held at YES Prep Southside from 8:00am - 4:00pm July 9 - July 30. Teachers are required to attend all days and should plan accordingly. Teachers are paid $125/day for training.

Info Session Call

A series of Info Session Calls will be held. Please check your email regularly for dates and time. These sessions will be held virtually.

Certification Pricing & Costs

The cost of Teaching Excellence is $4,999 through ongoing payroll deductions beginning in August 2024. In addition, teachers should be prepared to pay for certification exam fees and their certification applications to the state. Teachers earn $125/day of training pay for enrollment in the program.

What TE Offers

  • 1-1 coaching and development with a YES Prep Instructional Coach. This can include classroom observations, real time coaching, lesson planning, data analysis, time and task management, and content examination preparation.
  • A seasoned YES Prep teacher mentor in your content area.
  • Direct alignment between the practices of the certification program and campus curriculum, expectations, and systems.
  • Content exam test preparation services through 240 tutoring.
  • A cohort experience with other first-year teachers in the same organization and content area.


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