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Teacher Development and Evaluation

Coaching and Evaluation at YES Prep

At YES Prep, we develop our teachers so they can level up to best support our students and families. Through our coaching strategy and Teacher Pathway, we strive to ensure that teachers have tailored opportunities for development based on need, classroom performance, and student outcomes.  

What does teacher coaching and development look like? 

Every teacher at YES Prep, regardless of experience or previous performance, is assigned an Instructional Leader. Your Instructional Leader works with you to develop a coaching package during every phase of the school year based on your needs and student outcomes. Your coaching package might include: 

  • Lesson Internalization Meetings 

  • Unit Internalization Meetings 

  • Real Time Coaching 

  • Data Meeting 

  • Practice Clinics 

  • Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) 

What does evaluation look like? 

We believe teachers are the key lever driving student growth and achievement. The Teacher Pathway exists to identify and recognize excellence in the classroom and develop teachers in their practice to ensure all YES Prep students have equitable access to an effective teacher. 

Our teachers are evaluated yearly in 3 domains: 

Teachers are placed on The Teacher Pathway annually based on their results on their end-of-year evaluation. A teacher can place anywhere from Level I to Level IV annually. Based on placement on the Pathway, teachers are eligible for specialized perks including: 

  • Differentiated bonuses  

  • Annual celebrations 

  • Specialized development opportunities 

  • Access to opportunities to collaborate with district-level leaders 

  • Other surprises and celebrations! 

Spotlighting Our Level III and Level IV Teachers

Check out some of our Level III and Level IV teachers on the YES Prep Blog:

Ja’Qualan Keal, Senior Seminar Teacher at YES Prep Fifth Ward

My coach has been an unwavering pillar of support in nurturing my leadership skills, providing guidance and opportunities that have allowed me grow and flourish. Her mentorship has been instrumental in shaping me into a confident and capable leader. 

Vanessa Charles, Pre-K Teacher at YES Prep East End Elementary

Through dedicated coaching and developmental guidance from my AP/Coach, I've witnessed profound growth and transformation in my skills and abilities, propelling me towards my professional aspirations with clarity and confidence.