YES Prep Public Schools


School-Sponsored Transportation 

The mission of YES Prep Public Schools Transportation Department is to provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation on a daily basis so that students across the district are able to get to school and maximize their time in the classroom. For transportation services, we use two different vendors, First Student and Huerta Bus. Our partnership campuses use the transportation services at Spring Branch ISD and Aldine ISD.  

Student Eligibility and Route Information

The transportation department creates stops for students who live within the campus' priority zone and two or more miles from campus. If a student's residence meets this criteria, a bus stop will be provided within a mile of their home for secondary students and a half mile for elementary students. Stops are created with the safety of the students in mind, so bus stops will be at locations that allow students to wait off the main roadway for the bus if at all possible. Stops are not placed in private gated communities, cul-de-sacs or dead-end streets. Bus stops will be located at the corner of intersections that match the distance guidelines. If you have questions about your eligibility for a bus stop or would like to submit a request, please do so at your campus' front office. 

When creating bus routes, stops are not scheduled earlier than 6 a.m. Students must be present and ready to be picked up 10 minutes before the scheduled stop time. Drivers will not wait for late students - students are expected to be out of their cars and waiting to board the bus. Bus drivers are instructed not to stop or open the door for late students one the bus begins to move for safety reasons. 

While bus drivers aim to be on time to all stops, they must prioritize safety on the road. If a bus is running late, please reach out directly to the bus yard that corresponds to your campus. This information is available in the front office at your campus. You may also use First View to track your student's bus in the AM and PM. 

Student Behavior Guidelines

In order for transportation to run smoothly, students must adhere to the same campus behavior guidelines in this handbook while they are on the school bus. Some additional rules apply while riding the bus, and they are detailed below. Any violation of these expectations may result in disciplinary action, including the loss of the privilege of being able to use the school bus. 

  • Do not engage in inappropriate or disruptive behavior at the bus stop 
  • Do not run toward the bus upon its arrival to the stop 
  • Use appropriate language and be courteous to the bus driver and other passengers 
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus 
  • Do not throw objects in the bus, out the window or leave trash on the bus 
  • Remain seated at all times. If the driver assigns seats, students are required to sit in their assigned seat in the AM and PM 
  • Obey all directions from the bus driver 
  • Keep all body parts inside of the bus at all times 
  • Respect property. Students and their parents/guardians will be financially responsible for any damage caused to the bus 
  • Do not make inappropriate gestures or comments to passing motorists 

COVID Safety Guidelines 

YES Prep will provide transportation for all students who request/require it.  Buses will be cleaned and sanitized regularly, and while we can't require masks be worn, we encourage it for all students, drivers and monitors.