YES Prep Public Schools

Transportation FAQs

How many passengers does a bus hold? 

Our school buses hold 45-60 students on average depending on the model of the bus. 

Why does a bus seem overcrowded? 

It is our goal to fully utilize all the space on our buses while maintaining student safety. School bus capacity is determined based on how many students are riding each day. In our fleet, it is assumed that elementary and middle school students can ride three to a seat and high school students can ride two to a seat. The average YES Prep bus route will have two students per seat.  

How can I get my bus stop changed? 

If you meet the eligibility criteria and do not have a stop within a mile of your house for middle and high school students and a half mile for elementary students, you can contact your campus front office to request a stop change. 

How long will it take for a change to be processed? 

All stops will be processed within two weeks of when they are submitted to the Transportation Department. 

The bus did not show up on time for my child, how long should he/she wait at the stop? 

If the bus has not arrived within 10 minutes of your student's stop time, check the First View App on your phone to get real time updates on when your child’s bus will arrive to the stop or contact the bus yard for your campus below. 

  • Southside Secondary and Elementary, Southeast Secondary and Elementary, Southwest Secondary and ElementaryFirst Student - Hansen Yard, 713-941-9702
  • North Central Secondary and Elementary, North Forest Secondary and Elementary, Northline Secondary, and Airline Elementary: First Student - Eastex Yard, 832-626-4829
  • Brays Oaks, Gulfton, Northwest, White Oak and West: First Student - Missouri City Yard, 281-499-1316
  • Northside, Fifth Ward, East End Secondary and Elementary, Hobby and Thrive: Huerta Bus, 713-923-4827