YES Prep Public Schools

Family Engagement Fellows

Family Fellows are selected by the Principals at the campus level to help support and develop meaningful opportunities for parents and families to effectively engage in the school and community to improve student learning outcomes.

2021-2022 Goals

ENGAGE: Increase participation in family association meetings with 10-15 regularly attending members for new schools and 25-30 regularly attending members for fully grown campuses.

EDUCATE: 50% of parents will have logged in to Family Portal be the end of the first semester and second semester Family Workshops will reach at least 10% of YES Prep families.

EMPOWER: At least 250 parents district-wide will take an advocacy action in support of expansion of quality charters, including building relationships with school, community and government officials.



Previously known as the "Community Fellows Advisory Council", the program was created in the 2018-2019 school year with the help of a generous grant from the Walton Family Foundation.

Family Fellows Holiday Potluck Meeting 12.20

photo of Family Fellows at Holiday potluck meeting in the Chris Barbic Board room at the Home Office

SY 20-21 Family Fellows End of Year Celebration