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YES Prep requirements

When enrolling your child at YES Prep, guardians must bring a signed record of the child’s current immunizations. The student can be enrolled provisionally if the required immunization process has begun. The student may remain on campus after 30 days if they have provided YES Prep with a record indicating they are one of the following:

  1. In the process of receiving immunizations
  2. Bringing an affidavit indicating they cannot receive vaccines
  3. Choosing not to receive the recommended vaccines (visit the Texas DSHS Exemption Information webpage for exemptions from immunization requirements)
If a guardian cannot provide YES Prep with the immunization records or one of the three documents listed above, YES Prep may require the student to stay home until the immunizations are complete.
Further details of required immunizations can be found by calling Health Services at (713) 349-7423, and by reviewing the YES Prep Student Handbook.

State vaccination requirements

Texas Department of State Health Services (Texas DSHS) requires a student to show acceptable evidence of vaccination prior to entry, attendance or transfer to a public or private elementary or secondary school in Texas.

Click on the link tab below to see the vaccination requirements for K-12 students in 2023-2024 school year, provided by the Texas DSHS. 

Where to find immunization coverage

If you need to find a location to get your children vaccinated, visit the Houston Health Department's Immunizations page for more information and to learn where their health centers are located. 

Houston Health Department

Flu Vaccinations

Legacy Community Health partners with YES Prep to provide flu vaccinations via school-based health care for participating students and their siblings on the campuses listed below. If parents/guardians of students attending these campuses wish to the participate in the school-based health care program, please return a completed School Based Health Care form to your campus administration.
  • Brays Oaks
  • East End
  • Fifth Ward
  • Gulfton
  • North Forest
  • Southside
  • Southwest
  • White Oak
To find a flu vaccine near you, visit Texas Flu. (En español: La Gripe en Texas)