YES Prep Public Schools

Day-to-Day at YES

School Day & Year

As a public school system, YES Prep is held to the same academic standards as independent school districts (ISDs). The TEA requires 75,600 minutes of instruction per school year with one school day defined as 420 minutes. All districts - charter and ISD - can develop the calendar that best meets the needs of their students and families so long as the minimum number of instructional minutes is satisfied annually. 


YES Prep provides free bus transportation for all students who live within their school’s zone but more than two miles from the school. Students who do not reside within the priority zone may enroll and provide their own transportation. 

Campus Facilities

Our charter with the state allows YES Prep to serve students in grades K – 12 . Limited facilities funding means that we have to maximize the use of our school buildings. By operating middle and high schools together, we are able to be more efficient with staff and facilities. In 2017, the Texas Legislature passed HB 21, which will provide charter schools in Texas with some facilities funding for the first time. Although this funding is helpful, we will have to continue prioritizing maintenance on some school buildings while deferring maintenance on others. Additionally, we will continue to advocate for equitable school facilities funding and to raise funds to help bridge the current gap in our funding.   


Teachers at YES Prep value parent engagement and communicate with parents and families frequently by phone, email, or through conferences. Campuses also communicate with families regularly through Family Notes, the Family Portal, Skyward Family Access, and Social Media.

School Uniforms 

YES Prep will waive the uniform policy for students for the Fall Semester. YES Prep understands the COVID-19 pandemic has created or increased the economic challenges our families face. Students will follow the “free dress” policy as outlined in the Individual Campus Supplement for their school. You may view the "free dress" day expectations stated in our Uniform Policy on the YES Prep Campus website.