YES Prep Public Schools

Safety & Security

Safety of students, staff and campus visitors is YES Prep’s highest priority. This includes safety in our parking lots during arrival and dismissal. Please ensure you are following staff directions for traffic flow and observing posted signs and speed limits.

Here's what you should know about campus safety policies and procedures.

Reporting a Concern

Student Assistance Forms can be submitted for any concern related to a student, including but not limited to bullying, harassment, threats to campus, threats to self, and dating violence. Student Assistance Forms CAN be submitted anonymously.  

Any threats to students or staff safety are taken very seriously. If YES Prep is made aware of a threat, a thorough investigation will be conducted, and YES Pre will engage the local authorities as appropriate. Once local authorities are involved, the person who issued the threats may be subject to civil or criminal charges that are beyond the control of YES Prep. Guardians should ensure students are aware of the serious consequences of any written or verbal threats on or off campus grounds, including web-based social media sites.

Responding to Emergencies 

YES Prep utilizes the Standard Response Protocol for a unified response to emergency situations. During emergency situations, it is important that you not drive to the school unless requested to do so by campus administration. Traffic around campus can cause delays in emergency response.  

Download the family handout for more information. 


in an emergency, take action


Officers on Campus

YES Prep contracts law enforcement officers to patrol campuses throughout the school day. The officers also assist with traffic during arrival and dismissal.

Visitors and Volunteers

All campus visitors, including parents, must enter through the front door of campus using the doorbell camera and speaker. Please ensure that the door shuts behind you and that you direct anyone following you in to utilize the doorbell camera and speaker for entry into the campus. If remaining on campus or checking out a student, a picture ID is required.

Campus volunteers must fill out an online volunteer application and go through a background check process prior to volunteering on campus. The process typically takes 2-10 business days for approval. This includes parents going on field trips. Please ask your campus for a link to the volunteer form if you choose to volunteer on campus or go on a field trip.

Visitors and volunteers on campus must enter and check in at the front desk where they will receive a printed name tag. This name tag must be worn at all times while on campus or on a field trip. When leaving the campus, visitors and volunteers must check out at the front desk.

Please ensure that you have read the student handbook regarding all the safety and security policies.