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Common Assessment

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Common assessments - Fall 2023

Secondary students will be taking the common assessment from November 13 - 16, 2023.

Common assessment scores will be available by December 8, 2023. Students will review their progress and areas for growth with their teachers in their classes.


What are Common Assessments? 

All students at YES Prep in grades 6-12 take Common Assessment exams twice a year: in the fall and the spring. These exams help provide meaningful data to teachers and students about where students are successful and where they may need additional support.  

Students are tested in the classes they are currently enrolled in. 

Common Assessments mirror the STAAR and AP tests in content, format and scoring.  

How do we use Common Assessments?  

At YES Prep, we align Common Assessments to STAAR and AP, so students have exposure to the rigor and setting of STAAR and AP exams. Teachers use the information from Common Assessments to identify additional supports that students might need, standards that might need to be reviewed or retaught, and places where they will celebrate students’ growth and achievement.  

Each content exam will count as 5% of the final quarter or semester grade. Please see the student handbook for more information on grading.

How can you support your child with Common Assessment preparation? 

As your child gets ready for these important exams, you can support them at home by: 

  • Reminding them to review key concepts from their classes 
  • Ensuring they get adequate sleep  
  • Making sure they eat a good breakfast, either at home or at school 
  • Ensuring they arrive to school on time 
  • Providing space for students to talk about any worries or testing anxiety that they may be experiencing  
  • Practicing positive affirmations to boost their confidence and growth mindset. 

What will your child need the day they are taking Common Assessment?

As your child gets ready for Common Assessment, please review the following so they can be test-ready.

  • Fully charged laptop and charger (must be a YES Prep issued device –other devices will not be supported)
  • Pencil and blue or black pen (all students)
  • Graphing calculator for Grade 8 Math and up

Other important items to note...

Important policies:

  • All students must adhere to the honor code as set forth in the student handbook. Students will be subject to disciplinary action and a score of a 50 if they commit an honor code violation.
  • Access to unauthorized materials is strictly prohibited.

If absent on days of testing:

  • Students who are absent during the testing window will make up their Common Assessments when they return during the makeup window. Common Assessments will not be administered remotely.

If you have any questions about Common Assessments, please contact your school's front office.