YES Prep Public Schools

Student Technology

We are excited to share that K-12 students will use a YES Prep-provided laptop as part of their daily in-person learning experience in the 2021-2022 school year.

Tech-readiness checklist
  • Fully charged laptop or Chromebook*
  • Charger
  • Headphones

* Make sure to charge your device every evening, so they are fully charged for the next school day.

Importance of bringing YES Prep-issued laptop to school every day

During the school day, you will need to access Schoology, Microsoft applications, assessment applications such as Aware and other important apps. Without your laptop, you will miss important learning time including access to materials, opportunities to collaborate with your classmates and will not be able to turn in your assignments and assessments.

Personal laptops should not be brought to school. They will not have access to YES Prep networks, supports and applications.

Leveraging technology in combination with the aligned, active and rigorous learning that is part of our YES Prep program, will help to ensure that students are set up for academic success.

  • DO come to school with your charger and your laptop fully charged.
  • DO use your laptop to access assignments, resources and classwork when directed by your teacher.
  • DO inform a staff member when you’re unable to access resources assignments or experience technical difficulty
  • DON’T leave your laptop in an unsupervised area, including a car.
  • DON’T keep or store food or drink next to your laptop when in use or in a backpack.
  • DON’T loan your laptop to anyone else (students, friends or family members), borrow a laptop from another student, share passwords or usernames with others.
  • DON’T download or save music, games or any non-school-related applications, programs or files on YES Prep issued laptop.