YES Prep Public Schools

Technology Policies

We are excited to share that PK-12 students will use a YES Prep-provided laptop as part of their daily in-person learning experience.

Tech-readiness Checklist

First page of the PDF file: Tech-readiness-checklist-2
First page of the PDF file: Tech-readiness-checklist-1


  1. DO come to school with your charger and your laptop fully charged.
  2. DO verify your laptop is in working order and clean.
  3. DO use your laptop to access assignments, resources, and classwork when directed by your teacher.
  4. DO inform a staff member when you are unable to access resources or assignments or if you experience a technical difficulty.
  5. DO close your device when directed by a teacher, after removing all objects from the keyboard (pencils, headphones, papers, etc.).


  1. DO NOT leave your laptop in an unsupervised area, including a car.
  2. DO NOT keep or store food or drinks next to your laptop, when in use or in a backpack.
  3. DO NOT intentionally harm your laptop such as scratching it, prying off keys, etc.
  4. DO NOT loan your laptop to anyone else (students, friends, or family members), borrow a laptop from another student, or share passwords or usernames with others.
  5. DO NOT access streaming content unless directed by a teacher (YouTube, Netflix, e.g.).
  6. DO NOT save music, programs, games, or anything non-school-related on a YES Prep issued laptop.