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Finalist Day Tips

For Instructional Applicants

Part of our hiring process for teachers involves teaching a sample lesson. Our Principals are seeking educators who actively engage students during their lesson, operate with a growth mindset when it comes to receiving and implementing feedback, and arrive to their interview prepared. 

We recommend that you watch Match Education's mini videos on Running a Quality Lesson before you begin planning. Then, follow the steps below to prepare for your finalist day.

For Non-Instructional Applicants

All hiring managers, regardless of role, are seeking candidates who are mission aligned, passionate about education reform and looking for their “just right job.”

Prepare to Process Feedback

Often, receiving feedback is just as big of a part of your interview day as any selection activity. Generally, those observing will provide feedback on your strengths and areas for growth. It is natural to feel apprehensive about receiving feedback. However, we encourage you to embrace this as a learning opportunity and to hear how can further improve your craft as an educator and impact student achievement. In other words, acknowledge those nerves you might feel in advance, reflect honestly after the activity on what went well and what could have been better, and listen earnestly to what might enhance your work.

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