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What is the Principal Pathway Residency?

The Principal Pathway Residency exists to build a bench of high-performing, authentic leaders who serve to fulfill the YES Prep mission and vision as a potential Principal, for both elementary and secondary schools. The Residency is a 1-2 year paid position that offers individualized development and coaching under the guidance of a campus Lead Principal and the Leadership Development team. 

Residents are developed through a cohort model that focuses on connecting data, relationships, ideas, and people. They implement campus vision through management of the leadership team in partnership with the Lead Principal at their assigned campus. 

Residents learn by doing and creating a portfolio of resources that can be used once promoted into the Principal role. Additionally, the Resident cohort participates in a deep study of literature on equity, leadership, and instruction throughout the residency that grounds them in the work they do to ensure we increase student achievement.

Residents have an abundance of professional learning activities including a summer induction, midyear intersession, frequent coaching sessions, site visits, and experiential learning opportunities.

The YES Prep Principal Pathway residency application for the 2023-2024 school year closed on January 31, 2023. Applications submitted before January 31st are currently being reviewed, and a status update will be provided within a week, if not sooner. 

Principal Testimonials

It allowed me time to focus on areas of growth as a leader. The coaching experience throughout the residency has been fundamental to how I coach and develop my current team.

- Cintia Arenas, Principal of YES Prep Gulfton Secondary-

Know why you lead and how you will lead. These two critical actions are part of the program and you are worked with intensely to ensure you can name those things unapologetically in the pursuit of equity for our students and staff.
- Tony Castillo, Principal of YES Prep Fifth Ward Secondary-

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