Non-Instructional Positions

Campus-Based Leadership & Non-Instructional Roles 

Campus Non-Instructional Roles

Student Support Counselor - This role is responsible for creating and contributing to a strong school culture by promoting and supporting students’ social, emotional, and behavioral potential, while serving as a resource to parents, students, and staff. This role differs from other school counselor roles found elsewhere in its focused efforts around relationship building with families and students to best meet their needs. 

Executive Assistant – This role consists of assisting the campus leadership team by planning and overseeing all administrative functions, support, and projects and typically supports the campus principal and his/her leadership team directly.

Certified Medical Assistant - This role consists of ensuring compliance with all state and federal laws, local board policies, administrative guidelines and the Texas Education Code of Ethics. It is similar to a school nurse. 

Compliance Specialist – This role consists of coordination, planning, and preparation of compliance documents for students eligible for additional services, including but not limited to ARD facilitation, 504 services review, and Special Education services..   

Athletic Director - This role consists of managing and overseeing the campus’ inter-scholastic athletic program. 

Receptionist - This role consists of owning campus office support, administrative work, special projects, and ensuring an efficient work environment for all employees. This role is part of the front office operations. 

Registrar - This role provides campus front office leadership to organize and manage all of the functions related to student data and records, including serving as the official authorized keeper of the campus student records and data.  

Campus Leadership Roles

At YES Prep, there are many opportunities to become a leader on campus— both inside and outside of the classroom. Below, you will see how many campuses structure their leadership pathways.
Structure of Campus Leadership

Principal – This role will create, implement, and execute strategy to lead effective campuses to yield positive student outcomes.  

Director of Academics – This role consists of leading the campus instructional team and providing teachers with high quality professional learning opportunities and support to provide each student with a rigorous and engaging education.  This role reports directly to the campus principal with dedicated support from the Home Office Academics team. 

  • Dean of Instruction - This role ensures that YES Prep teachers are highly effective and produce outstanding results by providing evaluative and non-evaluative feedback. The role typically reports to a Director of Academics. 
  • Literacy Specialist - This role consists of providing support for all students and staff around ensuring students are reading, writing, and comprehending materials at or above grade level.  

Director of Student Support - This role ensures students receive maximum academic success on your campus by leading the campus student support team and through providing students with exceptional programming as it relates to their social, emotional, and behavioral needs. This is similar to an Assistant Principal role at other districts. This role reports directly to the campus principal with dedicated support from the Home Office Student Culture & Identity team. 

  • Dean of Students – This role ensures that all students are provided with a safe learning environment that contributes to their success, builds community, engages families, promotes accountability, develops staff and celebrates growth. This role has similarities to an Assistant Principal role at other districts, and typically reports into the Director of Student Support. 
  • Grade Level Chair - This role is the right hand man of the Dean of Students in helping ensure students are provided with a safe learning environment that contributes to their success, develops staff, discipline norms and culture within the grade level and celebrates growth.

Director of Campus Operations – This role leads the front office by setting the vision and overseeing the execution of all campus business operations. This position will lead operational priorities with fidelity and will apply best practices incorporating innovation that will ultimately impact student achievement outcomes. At the secondary level, this role will report in through the Directors of School Operations, which are based out of Home Office. 

  • Operations Manager - This role is responsible for managing the school's general business.
  • Operations Coordinator – This role will assist the Director of Campus Operations in managing the school’s general business operations.  

Director of College Counseling – This role requires you to lead campus efforts in ensuring our students get to and through college by supporting current students and alumni to reach our mission of students graduating college prepared to lead. This role reports directly to the campus principal with dedicated support from the Home Office College Initiatives team. 

  • College Counselor – This role provides you with the opportunity to directly impact the lives of hundreds of students and their ability to defy the odds and make it to and through college.  

Home Office Openings 

Our district office encompasses front office (Schools and Programs) as well as back office (Advancement, Finance, Talent, Operations/Talent, Office of the CEO) functions that work to align cross-functional efforts to best support our campuses. Our district office supports all 19 of our campuses. 

Our job board is updated in real time, and we have positions available throughout the year in each department.  

Home Office Non-Instructional Roles

Here are a few examples of openings that we have had this past year:  

Content Specialist- This role creates high-quality, aligned curriculum, assessments, and professional development in a specific content area to ensure our students experience a rigorous academic program that increases achievement and better prepares them for college success. 

Field Service Technician- This role plays an integral role in providing customer support onsite at designated campuses on YES Prep-supported equipment, applications and platforms, and troubleshoot problems to advise on the appropriate actions to resolve the issue(s). 

Instructional Coach – This role supports and accelerates novice teachers effectiveness at YES Prep and partnership districts (i.e. KIPP Houston, Spring Branch ISD, and Neighborhood Centers, Inc., Raul Yzaguirre School for Success) who participate in YES Prep’s Teaching Excellence program, a teacher development program that also offers a certification pathway.  

Head of Schools – This role participates as a member of the Schools’ Office Senior Leadership team to drive vision for the entire organization at a case load of campuses. It will consist of managing Principals and campus leadership teams and providing leadership that will result in a system of public schools that prepares every student for the successful completion of a four-year college or university.  

Director of School Operations – This role consists of providing guidance, leadership coaching, and direct management of the campus-based operations’ leaders. Additionally, the role will be adding project management and implementation capacity to projects at the system level and providing thought leadership on system-wide operations policy issues.  

Executive Assistant – This role consists of assisting Heads of Schools to ensure individual support and manage projects as assigned.

Operations Fellow - This role is a year-long mentorship to become knowledgeable in all responsibilities and duties of school operations management through structured trainings, observations, practice, and shadowing. 

Resident Principal - This role exists at some campuses and is a one to two year commitment where you will implement YES Prep Public Schools' mission by providing leadership support at one of our campuses. You will engage in rigorous, continual development consisting of summer induction, individualized development and coaching, mid-year intersession, participation in Leading Excellence, and mentorship of an experienced Principal.

Talent Partner – This role directly impacts student achievement through shaping the overall talent pool and collaborating with hiring managers and teams.  

Licensed Specialist in School Psychology- This role consists of evaluating and supporting students with behavioral and emotional needs, as well as creating and implementing programming and professional development to campus and district personnel. 

Finance Analyst – This role plays a key supporting role in helping us provide financial analysis and scenario modeling to guide decisions of YES Prep’s senior leadership team. 

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