Teacher Compensation

We believe that a large part of our strength as an organization comes from having unparalleled talent in the classroom. We believe that teaching is a craft that is improved upon over time, and we have created our evaluation and compensation system to emphasize this belief. Teachers starting at YES Prep begin either as First Year (new to teaching) or New to Blue (experienced teachers new to YES Prep).  

The 2019–2020 starting salary for first year teachers is $54,000.

For more information, check out our 2019-2020 Teacher Salary Scale

Teacher Pathway

The Teacher Pathway is grounded in equity and is intended to be responsive to the needs of our students. We will continue to invest more into teacher compensation in ways that align with our organizational goals to reward teachers in different ways for excellence in instruction and recruit strong talent into our classrooms. We remain unchanged in the strong value that we hold for teachers and the profession of teaching. 

1. Within the Teacher Pathway, teachers will be placed in tiers, called levels. The levels will be based on: 

  • Observations using Domains I and II of the current Instructional Excellence Rubric (IER)
  • Measurements of students’ classroom experience via external, research-based surveys (more context below)
  • Evaluation of professionalism and values alignment on a new tool

2. Within the Teacher Pathway, we will introduce an opt in Teacher of Distinction level. This is our highest level and these teachers will be evaluated on: 

  • All of the above, with the addition of student achievement results from STAAR and/or AP assessments

3. Students are at the core of our mission, vision, and purpose; therefore, the Teacher Pathway will include student-centric components for evaluation. 

  • These metrics will include external, researched-based, student-classroom surveys for all teachers
  • For our highest tiered teachers at the opt in Teacher of Distinction level, student achievement results will be included as a part of evaluation

YES Prep’s commitment to college completion for each of our students means that we must keep our most talented teacher leaders in the classroom and at YES Prep longer.  To do so, we have aligned compensation and career progression to performance in the classroom and on the campus, starting in the 2011-2012 school year. YES Prep has created a system for educators that acknowledges growth over time and ensures strong results lead to accelerated career opportunities.   

In addition to a strong base salary, YES Prep offers a comprehensive benefits package. 

Please click here to read more about YES Prep’s Total Rewards. 

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