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TechTeach is a one-year, accelerated, fast-track educator preparation program. The program begins in July and ends the following July each year. Teacher candidates (TC) graduate with a Bachelor of Science (BS) from Texas Tech University and full teacher certification upon completion of the program requirements.

While in the program, TCs take most of their classes online with professors in Lubbock. The Orientation, Introduction to Teaching, and Student Teaching courses are taught in a face-to-face setting in a classroom at YES Prep Southside Elementary. TCs are placed in a YES Prep campus where they complete their year-long hands-on clinical experience.

Upon successful completion of program requirements and graduation from Texas Tech University, teacher candidates become YES Prep teachers.

Application Process and Deadlines

  1. Submit unofficial high school and college transcripts to the Texas Tech advisor, Dr. Yvonne Khan at
  2. Pass site coordinator interview
  3. Apply as a transfer student to Texas Tech in


  • Completed Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) degree or Associate of Arts (AA)/Associate of Science (AS) plus the required AAT coursework
  • Minimum 2.75 GPA
  • 66 transferable hours
  • Meet foreign language requirements (two years in high school or two semesters in college)
  • Pass a site coordinator interview
  • Apply and be accepted to Texas Tech University as a transfer student

Residency Benefits from YES Prep

  • $25,000 salary

  • $6,000 Housing Stipend 

  • Tuition support 

  • Health and supplemental insurance

  • Professional development

  • Retirement plans

  • Award-winning culture

Additional Information 

  • Certification Options:
    • EC-6 Special Education

    • EC-6 Bilingual

    • ML Math (4th-8th) with or without a coaching pathway

    • ML ELAR (4th-8th) with or without a coaching pathway

  • Scholarships available for qualified students

  • Approximate cost of the program: $20,000

  • Study abroad opportunity in Costa Rica at the end of the program

Contact Information

Dr. Casey Story •