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Development & Leadership

Whether you are new to teaching, have been in the classroom for less than one year, or are seeking certification, YES Prep offers consistent development differentiated to your needs. For teachers new to YES Prep and for those looking for leadership development, we offer specialized, rigorous programming.

New teacher development: If you are new to teaching or have been in the classroom for less than one year, we provide comprehensive training and support, as well as a certification pathway, through our Teaching Excellence program.

Experienced teachers new to YES Prep: If you are an experienced teacher transitioning to YES Prep, we have the ‘New to Blue’ program that is designed to help you successfully transition into your new environment and integrate your skills into the YES Prep culture and curriculum.

YES Prep Leading Excellence program aims to provide the best leadership development programming in the nation. We cultivate, recruit and retain top leaders. We empower merging leaders to operate as change agents in the fight for educational equity. Every campus-based Director, Resident Principal and Principal engage in a series of learning experiences grounded in our Leadership Competencies. Their development continues from year to year, as learning experiences help to augment their skills and scope of impact.

Preparation for school leadership: If you want to become a Principal, YES Prep offers leadership and tactical development through the Principal Pathway Program.

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