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On January 30, 2021, over 350 YES Prep juniors and their families connected with admissions representatives from 20 of our IMPACT colleges and universities. For fifteen years, YES Prep's IMPACT College Partnership Program has worked to match eligible YES Prep juniors and seniors with highly-selective, supportive colleges and universities.  

YES Prep's IMPACT program allows students to connect with admissions officers from our partner colleges throughout their junior and senior years, beginning with IMPACT Saturday as a junior. Our IMPACT Saturday programing was redesigned and expanded this year because of the new virtual learning environment during COVID-19. 

Overview of the IMPACT College Partnership Program 

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YES Prep's IMPACT Partners include highly selective institutions that agree to provide structured support and meet the full demonstrated financial need for admitted scholars. These include the four ways the IMPACT program helps students by allowing them to: Explore, Afford, Support and Succeed. 

  1. Explore: IMPACT provides unique opportunities for students to learn about these colleges and be confident in their decision to apply and attend. 

  1. Afford: IMPACT colleges close the gap between what is identified as an expected family contribution (EFC) according to their FASFA and the cost of attendance, meeting a student's full need. 

  1. Support: The IMPACT program aims to send students in groups, or cohorts, to our IMPACT colleges and universities. Additionally, the colleges and universities provide additional support structures. 

  1. Succeed: YES Prep's IMPACT partners have a proven record of helping our students graduate successfully from their schools while providing excellent learning environments, including internships, research opportunities and study abroad programs. 

What does it mean for a student to be in the IMPACT Program? 

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Current juniors who are IMPACT eligible got to learn from some of our IMPACT partners what it means to be an IMPACT scholar. The students learned about the supports that colleges are committing to. Additionally, juniors gained an understanding of how YES Prep continues to support IMPACT scholars after graduation. Two crucial elements to understand are: what does meet "full need" mean and how does a student maintain eligibility for the IMPACT program.  

Full need: Students' financial aid awards are unique to each student. This is because aid packages are determined, in part, by the FASFA. However, in the recording, our counselors walk you through some examples of past award letters students have received.    

Eligibility: Students who were invited to participate in IMPACT Saturday are currently eligible with a 3.4 GPA. To maintain eligibility for the IMPACT College Partnership Program, students must maintain these grades. YES Prep does not have an SAT Score eligibility requirement for the class of 2022 because of COVID-19's effect on testing. 

Who are YES Prep's IMPACT Partner Colleges?

At IMPACT Saturday, students had the opportunity to learn about each of the colleges and universities and see where each campus is national. You can learn about our 24 IMPACT partners by watching the virtual-national tour:

Students then had the opportunity to ask questions directly to IMPACT partners. 

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What can juniors do during their spring semester?  

As part of IMPACT Saturday, juniors were able to meet with their campuses’ college counselors to review actions they can take their junior year. Two of the significant components that students were encouraged to consider are building their college list and considering upcoming summer opportunities to build up their resumes. All IMPACT Students are encouraged to explore multiple IMPACT partners. 

Our counselors encourage that they should include five of our IMPACT partners on their college list. IMPACT students will review these lists with their college counselors and family in preparing to apply to college. Families, you will be able to discuss these lists with your student during Junior Advising in Quarter 4. Quarter 4 will begin in April. Having a well-built college list allows students to apply to various college options and find the college that will be the best fit long term.  

Juniors will also be learning in Junior Seminar about upcoming summer opportunities that they can learn about and apply to.   

Students who maintain their IMPACT eligibility will be invited to participate in our summer day conference, IMPACT Institute. At IMPACT Institute, they will receive more support and guidance on the selective college admission process.  

To learn more about IMPACT, click here.


William Keaton has worked at YES Prep since 2018. He currently serves as the Student Opportunities and Special Events Associate on the Home Office’s College Initiatives Team. William graduated from Schreiner University with a BA in Political Science and Mathematics and earned his Master’s in Higher Education Administration in 2013 from Ball State University. Prior to coming to YES, William worked for various colleges and universities, including spending four years as the Assistant Director of Student Life and First Year Experience at Eastern Kentucky University. A career educator focused on College Access, William Keaton volunteers with the College and University Food Bank Alliance and with Toastmasters International where he helps facilitate their education programs. In his free time, he can often be found at Sugar Land Skeeter’s games or the movies.