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Craig Wisnieski, Instructional Technology and ECTE Specialist

The 2022 Spring Visual Art Showcase will be on display from April 20-28, 2022, at Ecclesia Houston, located at 1100 Elder Street.

All YES Prep middle school and high school art programs will be participating. The art pieces on display are mainly 2D works and paintings. Each school will have between 12 and 20 pieces with about 300 student artworks on display.

Celebrating student artists and visual arts teachers at a reception

On Tuesday, April 26, 2022, the Visual Arts Program hosted a reception to celebrate our student artists and their teachers as part of the annual Visual Arts Showcase at Ecclesia Houston. This was the first in-person event in three years.

Karina Diaz, an eleventh-grade student from YES Prep Southwest Secondary excitedly shared, “This show is very inspiring! I love to see others' points of view expressed through art. They are expressing a wide variety of perspectives: the impact of racism, the climate crisis, the power of love! It is a great show!”

This show is very inspiring! I love to see others' points of view expressed through art.

Amanda Miller, a visual arts teacher from YES Prep Brays Oaks Secondary, remarked that the showcase provides students with an opportunity to “celebrate their success in a public forum akin to student-athletes at a game." And it provides visual arts teachers an opportunity to “see what other teachers across the district are doing and what is possible with students of all different ages.” Miller has been an art teacher at Brays Oaks for four years and 28 of her art students participated in the showcase.

Congratulations to all our young artists and their visual arts teachers!

About the Spring Visual Art Showcase

YES Prep hosts the Spring Visual Art Showcase every year to celebrate and promote the incredible work of our student artists, as well as to recognize the hard work of each member in our Visual Arts department.

YES Prep’s visual arts course leader is Michael Birk, but the organization of the event is a shared responsibility within the Visual Arts department

If you would like to know more about our Visual Arts program, please click here: YES Prep Visual Arts Program.

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